3 simple website tools to save you time

Want to save some time? 3 simple website tools to save you time.

1. If you need to SAFETLY send a password to someone. Use: https://transfer.pw. Paste the password in to the website and it creates a secret one-time use link you can email to someone. This means the password isn’t left in an email trail for a hacker to find. Of course, you have a problem if someone has already hacked the recipient’s email and the hacker is the first to click the link & reveal the password. If you want to add some complexity, send the password with Transfer.pw but remove the last 2 characters. Then let your friend know what 2 characters to add on to the password. Whew! That’s a lot of work to send a password, eh?

2. Need to create a complex password. https://www.lastpass.com/password-generator is a quick easy website to use to create complex passwords.

3. Use Canva.com to create, edit, and publish images for social media & your website. (No offense Photoshop, but don’t waste your time trying to learn it.)


Hope it helps your daily process!