My name is Doug DeVries and I launched Host1Help1 to be best-of-class, managed hosting service. That means our team takes care of everything for you. Quality hosting starts with the right platforms, attention to security, and the experience to pull it all together.

For over 20+ years I have managed, created, and hosted websites for businesses, non-profits, missionaries, and projects of all kinds. We want you to be able to focus on your work and not worry about the technology of hosting.

Ready to start not worrying about your website hosting?

Who is on the team?
I’ve contracted with several local professionals (network & hosting, design, and programming) to support & facilitate your success.

What’s my background?
Other than being an high-school math and science teacher in South America for 5 years, in the early 2000s I, along with several partners, launched Tech Help, Big Fresh, and later RealLaunch.com. Our focus was always on helping businesses, realtors, and non-profit organizations succeed in the rapidly changing IT & web environment. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with several exciting web-based projects like Giving Anonymously (peer-to-peer anonymous giving) and CharityDirector (a workplace giving tool). My family and I love living in Bellingham, WA.