Are your emails landing in spam?

Not sure why your customers aren’t replying to your emails? Maybe they were flagged as spam.
I’ve recently been helping several clients deal with their emails getting stuck in recipient spam folders. Your domain name’s DNS configuration is important including SPF, DKIM, MX, and in some cases DMARC records are essential. 
Here are a few tools to use to test your current setup:
#1 Google Toolbox to check actual Email-Headers:
#2 Use MXToolBox to test your SPF, DKIM, MX and other records. 
#3 Send your specific email to a tester like or MailGenius – it will analyze your email and give you a score and let you know of any red flags.
These settings can be fickle at times & obviously the content of your emails also plays a huge part in the spam-filters. If you are having issues let me know and we can do a quick audit for you as well. 
Other clever email newsletter websites to check out: 
– – Create beautiful emails and landing pages, fast.- – Design amazing email templates.- – Explore other companies Email Newsletter. Great place for inspiration.- – A plugin that allows you to tag/upload any email to your private library. A clever tool to keep track of emails that you love.