Blast from your past (Host1Help1 Update)

Welcome to April! If you need a blast from the past check out the WayBackMachine. You can see snapshots from almost anybody’s website in the past. This can help for competitive research or even if you accidentally deleted a page on your website, the WayBackMachine may have a snapshot of it. And bonus, you can ask it to take … Read more

What is my IP address?

100,000 people per DAY google this question! An IP address is exactly that, your address on the internet. Every computer and connected device in the world has an IP address. The original format (IPv4) & the new IPv6 follows the following pattern. So, what is MY IP ADDRESS? Now you know.

Boring Privacy Policies

Who doesn’t love a conversation about your website’s Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions? If you haven’t recently reviewed your policies – it is probably time. Just like having insurance on your car – making a plan before the accident is always wiser.  I came across a between Kerstin from and Hans from You will find some time and … Read more

Google knows what??

What does Google REALLY know about you?  Get logged in to your google/gmail account and visit: … you will be shocked to see how they have categorized your interests and how many data points they have about you. If you don’t like one of their categories, you can turn it off. Google flagged me as interested … Read more

What is stored in my images?

It has long been known that photos taken with our phones also capture a ton of extra data (“exif metadata”). This include several pages of misc phone & photo data, but most importantly your exact GPS position!  Super helpful if you want to figure out where a photo was taken. But maybe consider removing the extra … Read more

Are your emails landing in spam?

Not sure why your customers aren’t replying to your emails? Maybe they were flagged as spam. I’ve recently been helping several clients deal with their emails getting stuck in recipient spam folders. Your domain name’s DNS configuration is important including SPF, DKIM, MX, and in some cases DMARC records are essential. Here are a few tools … Read more

Almost 3 hours per day!

In the spirit of Spring cleaning, it is time (again) to check your website on a mobile device. Some of our clients have more than 65% of their website visitors on smartphones!Google has been doing “Mobile-first indexing” for 3+ years which means if you want to optimize your website to get higher in Google searches, your … Read more

What’s happening with the emails to your customers?

SuperBowl. Olympics. The likely end of mask mandates? … 2022 is rolling forward. It’s also Valentine’s Day already! But really I wanted to ask if you need to add some movement & interest to your email campaigns. is a great tool for this. And if you are reading this you know that email is often the best … Read more

Twice per month?

Good morning … You likely have heard of ConstantContact and MailChimp for sending email newsletters. But my new favorite tool is MailPoet.  Both MailChimp and ConstantContact require you to create a template, write your email, and schedule the campaign from their websites. 💙 What I love about MailPoet is it installed as a Plugin on your WordPress website. … Read more

What does 2022 look like for your business web-presence?

Now what? It is 2022. What does 2022 look like for your business web-presence? I used the word “web-presence” and not just “website” to remind us that our business has an internet footprint that includes all of the following. your website your Facebook business page your personal Facebook interactions Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube your emails & … Read more