Best Email Tools for your Business

Email is still considered the most effective marketing tool for your business. It’s already mid-September and its a good time to rethink your email marketing.

So what are your best options? (in my opinion)

Constant Contact (#3) has been around forever so it can get overwhelming. It has tons of features and integrations. $20/month for 500 contacts & unlimited email sends.

Mailchimp (#2) is my long-time go-to solution. It is focused on email and easy to create a template and get an email sent. $15/month for 500 contacts & unlimited email sends.

SendGrid (#1) has been an excellent solution for transactional emails behind the scenes. Now they have full email marketing tools. I recently switched to both save a bit of money & test the new solution. So far I find it more intuitive and easy to use. FREE if you are sending less than 6,000 emails per month to less than 2,000 contacts.

The key – like most things – is to just actually do it. Start collecting email addresses from your customers and start delivering value on a regular schedule.