Spring Cleaning for your Website

Take an hour this month to do just 3 things & you’ll be ready for the next time you get stuck. Do you have a usable backup of your website? Do you have all necessary logins & passwords for your website, domain registrar, email-super admin? Is your email newsletter software up-to-date and ready to use?

67% of Google searches ended WITHOUT a click!

In 2020, 67% of Google searches ended WITHOUT a click! Why should you care? If your website isn’t optimized to display accurate & actionable info from the search results page on Google, you are missing out. And specifically, your Google Business Listing is what shows most prominently on a Google search results page and gets … Read more

3 insights & how it may be impacting your business

👍 It takes 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website. It determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave. 📱 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. 85% of users say your website should be as … Read more

3 simple website tools to save you time

Want to save some time? 3 simple website tools to save you time. 1. If you need to SAFETLY send a password to someone. Use: https://transfer.pw. Paste the password in to the website and it creates a secret one-time use link you can email to someone. This means the password isn’t left in an email … Read more

Broken Websites

One of the most frustrating calls you can get from a customer is “I was trying order your product on your website and it didn’t work.” When you get this call, you also know many people didn’t bother to call and just moved on. When is the last time you checked your website forms? Did … Read more

Best Email Tools for your Business

Email is still considered the most effective marketing tool for your business. It’s already mid-September and its a good time to rethink your email marketing. So what are your best options? (in my opinion) Constant Contact (#3) has been around forever so it can get overwhelming. It has tons of features and integrations. $20/month for … Read more

Safe Passwords

After spending most of my weekend resolving an issue with a compromised password, this my PSA to: “stop using and reusing lame passwords.” I know you’ve all heard it before, but every year we help dozens of clients with lost or stolen clients. Getting your password stolen wastes your time and can be expensive. It … Read more

Your Google Business Listing?

How good is your Google Local listing? Google My Business listings can bring in a ton of traffic to your business. This is not only essential to getting good customer reviews, it will give your business more exposure. Check out the activity for a local Whatcom County business we work with. The photos we’ve added … Read more

December 2020 – Website Expectations

2020 has been a complicated year. What’s in store for 2021? Our expectations for all websites continues to increase. More than ever people expect your business website to be just as easy to use as Amazon and Instagram. Your customers expect to find information about business, FAST. If you make them wait, they will leave. … Read more