Ever feel like you are wasting time updating your website?

Here are a couple of resources to help you make the process as efficient as possible.

#1 – Canva.com – Finding, cropping, and editing pictures for social media & your website is quick with Canva. Thousands of templates and stock photos to get you started. The free version is excellent. Check it out.

#2 – Feel like you wish you know a bit more about WordPress? We uploaded dozens of quick tutorial videos on WordPress to our website. You don’t need to know everything about WordPress but these tutorials will get you started.

Making an impact: In case you didn’t already know, 20% of the revenue from your hosting subscription goes directly to non-profits to help kids get an education. Visit host1help1.com/june-2020 to find out what good happened in June! We are helping more kids this month get the education they need to move forward.