May 2020

Our May 2020 donation based on April subscriptions was sent to the following organizations to support educational efforts. More than ever with the impact of COVID-19 these organizations need our help. Charitable giving due to the economic impact and fear is down as much as 30% for many non-profit organizations.

Loom International said it well:

[su_note note_color=”#333333″ text_color=”#eeeeee” radius=”7″]From our partners around the world to our community right here in Portland, one of the greatest impacts we are seeing from this pandemic is hunger.

Children who normally get meals at school are not, food supplies are unsteady, income is dwindling from lack of work.

This could be a cause for anxiety – but it is also an opportunity to intercept anxiety with generosity.[/su_note]

If you feel compelled to help, you can donate directly with our partner, Charity Director, and your donation will reach the people that need it most.