Website Load Times – 15 seconds or less

We are a hosting company, but we want to be proactive & help your website serve your business. Each month we will provide some kind of technical insight.

The challenge is that the majority of people may be leaving your site in less than 15 seconds. You have a very short time to gain someone’s attention. And if your site loads slowly you are wasting precious seconds.

Two Reasons your website loads slowly.

  1. Unoptimized images
  2. Poorly implemented Plugins or Themes

How to fix it? 

First, check your site at – What is your score out of 100?

Second, you can optimize your images at before uploading them OR setup a Plugin like TinyPNG on your WordPress site to auto-optimize your images.

Third, based on the result from Google PageSpeed Insights we can recommend the right changes to your website to improve load time.

Happy optimizing!