Why & How

You don’t need to waste your time worrying about your website hosting. We provide fully-managed WordPress & custom hosting.

Host1Help1 is at its core a, best-of-class, managed hosting service. That means we take care of everything for you. Quality hosting starts with the right platforms, attention to security and the experience to pull it all together. For over 20 years our team has managed, created, and hosted websites for businesses, non-profits, missionaries, and projects of all kinds. We want you to be able to focus on your work and not worry about the technology of hosting.

But why the “Help1” part?
It is pretty simple. We believe all children should have the opportunity to get an education. In many developing countries, a student can attend school for $40/month, but many families do not have the additional cash to pay.

How does this work?
When you host your website with Host1Help1 we take the first 20% of your monthly subscription fee and send it to a 501c3 non-profit that works specifically to support education initiatives. We have team up with CharityDirector to manage the monthly transactions.

If your hosting fee is $65/month, we will send $13 to help with a child’s education. It is pretty simple.

We partner with CharityDirector to provide transparency and accountability in our commitment. You will have direct access to updates from the students Host1Help1 is supporting.