What makes Host1Help1 different?

  1. We specialize in helping non-profits with no IT support professionally run and maintain their websites.
  2. We share our profits with other non-profits to help kids get the education they need to succeed.
  3. We have excellent customer service. We truly want you to succeed in your business or organization.
  4. We offer competitive pricing and quality robust hosting services.
  5. We are committed to serving your current needs and helping you to grow your business.

The Host1Help1 Process:

  • We’ll collaborate with you to evaluate your needs and wants for your business’s new site.
  • We’ll work together to understand your goals and we’ll establish some metrics and measures to monitor.
  • We’ll work with you to develop and secure a great domain name.
  • We’ll recommend an appropriate WordPress template. You can choose one from our library or we can even customize one for your needs.
  • We’ll add features (Plugins) to your site to enable Contact Forms, Shopping Carts, Search, Analytics, and Language Translation options.
  • We’ll give you specifications for images and video, along with recommendations for content length and number of web pages.
  • We’ll create WordPress Editor accounts for you and your team.
  • We’ll train you on WordPress or point you to online training.
  • We’ll help you build out the core content.
  • We’ll launch your new site taking care to not disrupt your email configurations.
  • From there, we’ll handle the security, backups, and performance. …. You’ll focus on your running your business like you always wanted to!