Hosting your website doesn’t need to be a huge hassle. You want to focus on your business. So don’t waste your time worrying about your website.

We specialize in custom & managed hosting solutions for WordPress and PHP/mySQL-based websites. The key is “managed” which means we take care of everything for you including domain name configuration. Your site is secure & protected with regular backups.

Have some questions? Not sure what you really need? Contact us to start the conversation!

All of our hosting includes hassle-free guarantee.

We obviously think Host1Help1 is a smart choice. Here are a few things we do to help you focus on your business, organization, or ministry. 

  1. Website Updates: Need help making an update on your website? Let us know. Many of the quick updates you may need are included in your hosting package!
  2. Security & Confidence: We update your website WordPress Core, Themes, & Plugins regularly to keep your website safe. Nightly Backups with 30 days of retained backups to make disaster recovery easy. 
  3. Training: If you want to learn how to update your own website, we can point you in the right direction and get you started.
  4. Support: During business hours – we can usually reply to your email support within the hour. Whatever comes up we want to help you get back to focusing on your business!

Are you a non-profit?

Find out more about how we can support your efforts.

Make a Difference

Each website that is hosted allows us to support non-profit organizations financially and provide technical support for their websites. As of 2022, we host and manage 30+ non-profit websites. Check it out.

What will it cost?

Hosting packages start at $35/month with a 10% discount if paid annually.
There are occasionally websites that will cost less per month.
* Ask about our pricing for non-profit organizations.

  • $35/month includes: Monthly Bandwidth: up to 3GB & Total File Storage: up to 3GB
  • $65/month includes: Monthly Bandwidth: up to 10GB & Total File Storage: up to 10GB + Use of our licensed Plugins as needed ($300+ annual savings)
  • $85/month includes: Monthly Bandwidth: up to 20GB & Total File Storage: up to 20GB Use of our licensed Plugins as needed ($300+ annual savings)