Focus on what you love.

After 20+ years working with technology and small businesses it is obvious that businesses thrive when they are able to focus on what they love & what they are good at. If you are bogged down with the web-related aspects of your business, let’s chat.

We have even found that many web development companies don’t always want the hassle of managing the hosting side of their operations.  This is where we can provide win-win value. We love hosting so you don’t have to!

Check out our philosophy for providing hosting to business owners while also supporting charitable causes.

Want to find out how you can make money while we do the work of hosting for your clients? 

Our referral-partnership is simple.

Most of the developers & designers we speak with are providing hosting services for their customers, but most don’t really enjoy or make much money doing it. These business owners typically add customers to their internal servers and may end up supporting hosting for free. So a referral-partnership is a win-win for you and us… and also a win for the customer because they get first class dedicated hosting and support.

Our referral-partnership is built on a 3-year rolling agreement that helps you earn ongoing passive income. Who doesn’t want that? For each new customer that you sign up for hosting services they will get added to their own 3-year cycle. This creates the potential for long term collaboration and mutual growth.

As an additional included value, we can also perform web maintenance for the referred customers. We’ll work together to assess your needs and level of service. And yes, web maintenance and new development work is also included in the agreement too! Win-win!

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