How website hosting works

Think of your website as a cool digital treehouse you’ve built. You want people to come over and hang out, but first, you need a spot in the virtual forest — that’s where website hosting comes in.

A web host is like the keeper of the forest. They offer you a tree (a server) where you can place your treehouse (your website). Once your treehouse is up in that tree, anyone with the secret map (your web address) can swing by and check it out.

Now, depending on how popular you expect your treehouse to be, you can choose different trees. Shared hosting is like sharing a tree with other treehouses; it’s cozy and affordable. Dedicated hosting means your treehouse gets the whole tree to itself — more space, more power, but it’s pricier. And cloud hosting? That’s like having your treehouse magically float between branches, so it’s always stable no matter how many friends climb up to visit.

So, you pay the forest keeper a little treasure to keep your treehouse safe and sound on their tree, and voila — your website is ready for visitors anytime, anywhere.