What is stored in my images?

It has long been known that photos taken with our phones also capture a ton of extra data (“exif metadata”). This include several pages of misc phone & photo data, but most importantly your exact GPS position! 

Super helpful if you want to figure out where a photo was taken. But maybe consider removing the extra data before you send a photo to someone or upload to social media. 

Check out http://exif.regex.info to see what info is attached to your photos. And https://www.imagesmaller.com/exif-remover to actually remove the exif  metadata. 
While you are working with your photos check out https://tinywow.com/tools/image for great quick online image editing tools. 
And one more crazy website. If you ever get your camera stolen, upload one of your photos from it to https://www.stolencamerafinder.com and you can see if anybody else is uploading photos from the same camera. You can figure out who has it!