Giving to KCA – November 2019

Greetings from Uganda, Hope this email finds you well I just wanted to share with you what has been done in the sent money in the Month of November, surely the Money arrived when we had lot of gaps to cover at the Center of Kassanda Children’s Aid to remind you Kassanda Children’s Aid is … Read more

September 2019 Giving Update

Thanks for the food, soap, and shoes Great news! The older lady you whom we built the house has six kids got food, soap, and cooking oil. Another family also received extra food. David, Nish, Pretty and Stephen got shoes to attend school. Thank you. – Vincent of Kassanda Children’s AID

August 2019 Giving Update

Thanks for the helping girls not miss classes A big shout of thanks to Host1Help1 for organizing to help our young ladies have 3 months supply of pads. Lack of pads is one major reason girls miss many days of schooling which causes them to underperform. It was so helpful and others said that their … Read more