Billions of emails were sent last week…

Billions of emails were sent last week… I am sure you saw dozens of Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals and then Giving Tuesday emails. How do you cut through the email noise to reach your customers? PROVIDE VALUE We all have emails we receive that we typically choose to open. Why? Because we have learned that the … Read more

Tech Junkie Tools you will use

I get asked all the time for help with image manipulations, PDF changes, and various file conversions. I’ve found the perfect spot for all or at least most of the tricks we need. Check out You can rotate PDFs, combine two PDFs in to one, convert images (png, jpg, svg,etc), convert PDFs to Powerpoint, and … Read more

Someone has to do it.

Someone has to do it. You all have a website. It is so important that it properly represents your business. An “old website” with outdate information can give potential customers the message that “you aren’t keeping up”. Then your potential customer may think you can’t keep up with their work either. So who is in … Read more

Why do referrals work?

Everyone seems to be asking for referrals. I even get free stock if you sign up for a stock trading account with Robinhood. Social media is full of people trying to get you to click on THEIR referral link.   But why do referrals work? And why do we care?   We trust businesses that … Read more

Focus on your business.

I’m not sure people are reading too many emails in July. With sunny weather, family vacations, and hopefully some time to enjoy the amazing area with friends, business may be the last thing on your mind.    What are great summer projects for your business?   + Research and implement a new process. Any web-tool … Read more

Minding your own Business?

I am often asked what the best platform is for building a website. Wix & Squarespace spend a lot of money on advertising and tell a great story, BUT there are reasons that 65% of websites are built with WordPress. And most of those reasons will directly support your business. Why should you care? Creating … Read more

Spring Cleaning for your Website

Take an hour this month to do just 3 things & you’ll be ready for the next time you get stuck. Do you have a usable backup of your website? Do you have all necessary logins & passwords for your website, domain registrar, email-super admin? Is your email newsletter software up-to-date and ready to use?

67% of Google searches ended WITHOUT a click!

In 2020, 67% of Google searches ended WITHOUT a click! Why should you care? If your website isn’t optimized to display accurate & actionable info from the search results page on Google, you are missing out. And specifically, your Google Business Listing is what shows most prominently on a Google search results page and gets … Read more

3 insights & how it may be impacting your business

👍 It takes 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website. It determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave. 📱 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. 85% of users say your website should be as … Read more