Half way through May already!

As complicated as the last months have been, companies are starting to see the benefits of WFH (work from home). Twitter announced today it will let all its employees work from home permanently. Your employees & customers are probably working differently also. You can leverage your website to centralize conversations and experiences for employees and customers.

Remote workers are actually proven to work about 1.4 days per month more and procrastinate 10 minutes per day less than people working from a traditional office.

#1 – Provide clear details on your website about the availability of your team, how to reach them, and what they can expect. Your customers will appreciate knowing who they are talking to.

#2 – Train your team how to do screen capturing. Tools like Snagit make it quick & easy to highlight ideas and details on proposals, designs, and documents. You’ll be surprised how often you use it.

ALSO… Check out what TOGETHER we were able to do in May with the “Help1” aspect of our business. We are thankful you are on board!  host1help1.com/may-2020

Stay safe…